We voelen elke dj aan de tand over hun link met de nacht .

John Gómez


Do you have a night-time ritual for the evenings you don’t have to go out and play?

Weekends off are a valuable commodity, as a DJ's working schedule is structured to be the exact opposite to everyone else's. I don't really have a ritual, I simply try to do see the friends I never get to see and catch up with my sleep.

What does your ideal sunday morning look like?

If it's a sunny day in London, I would go for a long walk down the canals, stopping for coffee and perhaps a quick dip in a record shop.

What would you like to ask our next dj?

Please tell us about one record you think is great, but all other people hate ...

Volgende nacht: zaterdag 6 oktober met zaltan, mélomane & pastige